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We all pay taxes to Medicare for many years.  What is Medicare?  What options are available to you?  Should you buy a Medicare Supplement plan to fill the gaps in original Medicare?  Do you need a Part D plan?  Should you consider purchasing  Medicare Advantage plan like an HMO, PPO, PFFS, or MSA? These are all great questions!  The only way to find out the answers is to know more about your situation.  Once we determine the type of plan you need,  our trained professionals are able to shop the products in your county to determine the best plan and price.

Most people know that Long-Term Care insurance is not the only way to pay for extended home, assisted-living and nursing home care.  What they don't know is what option is best for them and why.  We recommend contacting a Long-Term Care Professional to guide you through that process by explaining your options, what's at risk and how you can best protect yourself, your family and your assets. Based on your age, health, and financial situation, a Licensed Professional will help you determine if Long-Term Care coverage is right for you, and if it is, if now is the right time to buy.  Prior to consultation we request that you answer a few questions to help us understand your specific need and  how we can best help you achieve your planning goals.  If Long-Term Care Protection is the best solution for you, we will work diligently to determine the most appropriate combination of benefits provided by highly-rated carriers at the most economical rate.


medicare supplements and advantage plans in Scottsdale

Medicare Supplements And Advantage Plans in Scottsdale